Wednesday, June 20, 2012

At the Zoo!

We wanted to take Cami to the zoo and finally set a day.. Tuesday the 19th. I woke up that morning to Cami throwing up in her bed.. She ended up being OK so we went to the zoo anyway. She barfed again on the way there.. Still seemed fine. She's an easy puker when it comes to driving in the car. We purposely went on a day that was supposed to only be around 75 high rather than in the high 80's even 90's and we left as early as we could. We had a great time! Here are some of the pics from our day.

Cami was freaked out by this fake gorilla. Notice the look in her eyes? LOL .. And this big guy walked right up to the window and looked at us for a few minutes before going and sitting down. It was fun having it so close for her to see. Seems like they are always as far away as possible.

The rhino was really close to the window too. Very cool :)

Cami loved riding the merry-go-round. Even if she doesn't look like it lol

Checking out the elephants.. Cami's favorite!

Thank heavens for random ppl walking by. We needed a nice group shot.

After the zoo, we stopped by to see Aunt Lynette.. Who of course hooked Cami up tight with every flavor of ringpop she could ever ask for lol 

 OH and remember when I said we started the day off with the pukes?? Well about 5 minutes after this pic, the fun ended with an explosion out the back end. It was awful! Soiled her outfit big time! And then we went home to her being sick and puking all night. Fun stuff! Glad we got a few hours of feeling good in-between it all so we were able to enjoy the zoo.

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