Monday, April 30, 2012

Michael and Landon and some

Today when I asked Landon  if he fluffed he said "No that was just the breathe in my bum" haha  He is so funny!
 Time for a haircut! Landon's cute biskies!
On Saturday we went and had coffee at Grandma Linda's. After coffee my boys went outside and watched Grandpa work. Some of my favorite memories are following Grandpa Gary around all summer helping him work. So SO fun!

Ummmmmmm, not much to say for this picture it's just frikken funny!

Oh and this is one of our new members of our family, ....this little guy is Optimus.......our other one is named Jazz....Michael wanted a snake....I figured we would start with lizards.

Cambryns little bummy

LOVE her cute little butt... and she loves to be naked lol

This is her "Im the cutest baby in the world and I can get away with anything" smile lol and yeah shes totally right about that.

I had bear string some beads the other day for school. He had so much fun and did a great job with it.

Our VitaMix

Raiphe & Marie - Our New Vitamix!!!

I am so excited and feel so blessed to have this VitaMix. Money is tight for everyone, but where there's a will, there's a way! And I wanted a VitaMix extremely bad. 

Raiphe and I are wanting to adjust and improve our diets, permanently. And from what I've heard and from my own experience, a VitaMix is pretty much a MUST HAVE if you are wanting to change your diet that much. We are hoping to have a gluten free, dairy free diet before too long. It's going to be rough, I know. But SO worth it! You can't put a price on feeling good.

Btw, all you people out there.. I was off gluten for a week a while back seeing if it would help my eczema.. ONLY A WEEK and I can almost promise you my huggies shrunk. I don't know what else would have caused them to shrink. In my head, I imagine that if gluten is what holds bread dough together, it's holding all the fat spots together on my body too. And I'm NOT okay with that. So the gluten must go!

Popcorn at Kim's house!

I was outside soaking up some rays yesterday with the fam at my place, and Jean told me something interesting. Thought I'd share with everyone!
                                           Microwavable popcorn is in the process of being outlawed.
                                           According to studies, or doctors, or someone else, microwavable popcorn has an ingredient that is harmful to humans! There was one girl who ate alot of microwavablle popcorn, then stopped eating it for a while. When she started eating it again, she went deaf in one ear! When she went to the doctor about it, he said he's seen many cases just like hers! How awful is that?!

So, at my house, when we make our popcorn, we cook our popcorn seeds in Coconut Oil, which gives it a coconutty hint of deliciousness!

Then we flavor it with something called flavacol. Makes it taste fantastic, and you won't have to worry about it as much as the microwavable stuff!
I am currently unable to add a picture of the flavacol, but you can google the image if ya need ;)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A lil' piece of sunshine!

My birthday shoes!

Terin's toes!

My hand painted flowers!

Kathy's toes!
P.S.. I thought I'd share with everyone that I'm only about $300 away from having enough money for my schooling!! I'm getting SOO close! How exciting!

Shaylee's Bathtime

I just thought I would show you guys how long shaylee's hair is! Its WAY long! And how cute she looks in her lady bug towel :)

Fun with a lizard by Kristie

Yesterday (04/29/2012) Andrew and I were cleaning sand and saw dust out of our house in progress. Andrew found a lizard in there. He put it in a bathtub so it couldn't get away and so that he could show shaylee. Shortly after shaylee woke up we showed her the lizard. She thought it was awesome! Andrew coaxed her to hold it and showed her how to hold it without squishing it. She kept squeeling and jumping when andrew would try to give it to her. Pretty dang funny! Well she finally held it and andrew told her to show me... well she then tried to put it on me! Not cool! Lol. I had to stop her and just explain to her to show me. So in the above picture she is showing me. In the end, we took it over to some rocks and showed Shaylee how to be kind to creatures and to let it go! It was very cute and educational. :-)
A couple weeks ago Julie and her kiddos came down to visit me! (Which I expect to happen again!) Well anyways, Shaylee, Charity, and Jakie boy were playing out in the sand. Then I here Julie lauging and pointing at Shaylee. So, I look at shaylee. Her butt is cracking as usual, and there is a pretzel right in her butt crack. Lol. It was too funny not to post. I wish that  I could have gotten a better picture. I am still not sure how it got in there, maybe thats where she stores food that she wants to eat later. Who knows! Happy Pretzels! Lol

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kudos to Me

After getting up this morning I had a shower, took care of Jer Bear and Brynny; got them dressed and fed, did 3 batches of laundry, made some delicious hash browns and eggs for myself, fed the dogs, made pancakes and syrup, and last but not least, made 4 loaves of bread, all by 9:30 this morning.  I am pretty sure I am Wonder Woman!

Now if I only looked like her! Lol

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ty ty's 3rd Birthday :)

                                           Making Ty Ty's Birthday cake :) Mmmm yum!
              Dont judge my work of art LOL.... I was limited on time and supplies :P.... Ty ty was so excited to have his cars cakes was fun making it with him :)

                          "HAPPY BUPBAY "....."Ty ty's wording for happy birthday" :) hahaha

                             Haha..He LOVES trains and was excited to get some for his birthday :)

Baby Bump

Here's my bump at 24 weeks!! Getting closer :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keeping Us Close

Hi Everyone,

I loved having everyone up for dinner on Sunday. It was awesome to get to see and visit with everyone. I enjoyed watching the little kids dumping dirt into each others hair, running all over the hill and playing with  Aaron's family's new puppy. I really wish Beth's and Kristie's families could have been there too. I feel like I have lost touch with everyone since we stopped getting together for Sunday dinner. With Beth and Kristie living so far away, it gets even more difficult. I want to be a part of all the cool little things that happen to each of you every day.  Because of this, I decided to create this blog so we can stay connected.  I want it to be interactive and hope all of you will post too. Please feel free to post any pictures, videos, thoughts, poems, school papers etc. that you want to share with me and everyone else.

 I hope to hear about all of the little things.  I want to know if someone loses a tooth or gets an award. I want to see the pretzel in Shaylee's diaper, Brynny's chubby little bummy, Tyler's cute curls, Zachary and his cello, Aaron's new dog and Lynny boys, Michaels and Lando's cute lips.  I would love to see pics of Natty's cute little belly, Kim's dazzling toes, Julie's new bedroom, Marie's latest quilt, and Eliza and Rachel's prom pics.

It would also be cool to get some of buffy's nutritious recipes, Julie's latest info. on Ghee, and update's on Darlene's job. Don't hesitate putting vacation pics, book and movie reviews and  anything else you think would be fun to share. In other words,This is a place for us to keep connected with each other and keep each other close. It will be like a mini-Facebook for us.  I love you all, you are always close to my heart!

****To Post:  Since you are already on the blog, click on sign in at the top of the home page. This will take you to a new page.  Enter my email address and password (which I will text to you),  This will take you to a new page. click on the orange button with the pencil on it. (It says:create new post), click on the button that says compose. This is where you post. Please be sure to leave a title and your name so we all know who posted.  There are places at the top where you can add images, links and I think even videos.  I cant wait to see all of your stuff.  Thanks, xoxo