Monday, April 30, 2012

Michael and Landon and some

Today when I asked Landon  if he fluffed he said "No that was just the breathe in my bum" haha  He is so funny!
 Time for a haircut! Landon's cute biskies!
On Saturday we went and had coffee at Grandma Linda's. After coffee my boys went outside and watched Grandpa work. Some of my favorite memories are following Grandpa Gary around all summer helping him work. So SO fun!

Ummmmmmm, not much to say for this picture it's just frikken funny!

Oh and this is one of our new members of our family, ....this little guy is Optimus.......our other one is named Jazz....Michael wanted a snake....I figured we would start with lizards.


  1. I have never heard a fluff described that way. I got a good laugh over that. Congrats on your new additions to your family. You are brave. i would always be worried that they would get out.It is definately a step up from a snake. Eeeww!

  2. **MARIE HERE** Pinch those biskys for me!! Cute!

  3. Lol breath in my bum...that's funny!