Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More of my kids

Baby bugs new outfit... She sports it around like a pro:)

Bear and his tractors... He LOOOVEESSS them like no ones business.

She got made at me for trying to have her stand there so long so I could get a good pic lol.

His amazing dance moves.. 

And baby bugs new favorite toy is......A calculator....hahaha


  1. Brynny looks so cute in that outfit. It will be sun to see how stylish she is as she grows up. Calculators aren't the only things she loves. She also loves my tv remotes and my phone. I guess anything with buttons works for her. Jer Bear does have some pretty fancy dance moves. especially when he is wearing his super hero shirt.

  2. **MARIE HERE** Ah, these kids are so dang cute! I don't get to see them enough!