Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random pics through out the past few months :)

 I looked out my window the other day and saw this cloud formation (It looked alot better in person)...but I just had to take a pic ;)....I know it is kinda hard to see...but it looks like  steps to me....."Stair way to heaven" :D
I posted alot of pics of Ty ty of his birthday, so I wanted to post some of Lyla :) My beautiful princess!!!
Lyla, wearing the same dress and I think shoes that I wore when I was a baby :) Crazy stuff!

My handsome boy likes to copy things that Lyla does haha....he insisted that I take pictures of him standing up to the mirror, like a did with Lyla :)
She's a little monkey....she loves to climb on stuff!

                                               One of Lylas crazy sleep positions haha
                                                             My cute little eskimo

crazy circle egg we found....I dunno if anyone else has ever seen one before but i thought it was pretty cool :)

                                                                     my little cowboy! :D
                                                                     (: BATH TIME! :)



          First time I put Lyla in the corner. She was beating up her big brother...pulling his hair and stuff lol.....she sat there for quite a while too...I was surprised haha.


                                                              Ty ty's 1st time driving :) he loved it :)

                                   These two love each other SO much and are so cute together (The girl is Gabe and Jenny's girl livvy in case you dont know :)...)
I saw these two across the yard sitting on this cute bench with Ty ty's arm on the back like that....so I went to take a pic,.... I told ty ty to put his arm on the back again for the pic and livvy just snuggled right up to him haha it was too cute!

                                                                I  LOVE this!!!!

                                                            Lol, my two silly babies :)
I finally got a stool, so ty ty can now wash his hands and brush his teeth all by himself.Yay! Its so nice!

Slidding my babies around on the floor in a sheet.......The LOVE this! :)


  1. These are so stinkin cute. I am soooo glad I did the blog. now I get to enjoy everyone. Yea!

  2. **MARIE HERE** I LOVE these pics, Liss! Lyla does look a lot like you. Here's hoping my next child will look like me.. You have given me hope lol