Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moments to Remember

We have been enjoying all the wild flowers that bloomed this spring. However, Uncle Joe went and mowed everything over.. Typical. :(

Cami being her nerdy little self. Although the chocolate all over made for a cute pic, I personally think it's a waste of chocolate :P And her Pj's on her head.. I was telling her it was a hat, just for fun, but she took me serious and wanted to gear up and head outside.. "hat" and all lol (notice her socks with sandals too) lol

Cami had an obsession with sitting in my laundry basket for a while there. I only own 1 laundry basket and she claimed it for herself. It was kind of nice tho cause she would sit in it for longer periods of time and I could actually get stuff done! Too bad that phase is over :(

 Cami's new outfits that I got off Totsy. LOVE THEM! We have more on the way too. Dawn bought her the pink/blue butterfly outfit and the blue/zebra outfit. She even made matching bows. So cute! 
Cami loving up on Heather's puppies!

Cami LOVES her blanket that I made her before she was born. But she doesn't have a blanket made with that really soft, yummy material. So I made this blanket for her up-coming birthday. I even stitched over the squares to give it a square design on the back side. I think she is going to love it!

I had to take this picture because it was a pretty sight to see. Thought I'd share it with everyone :)

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  1. Oh sooo cute! I love all the pics! It is so fun to see Cami in everything. I cant believe he mowed over the wild flowers. What was he thinking? Crazy, they are what get us through the winter!