Thursday, May 3, 2012

 Ty ty found a worm that got squished flat, re- plumped up agian after soaking in some water he dumped on it..... Then it got really hard and looked like a stick after drying out lol. Yuck...I know! He was running all over playing with it haha.
                                           Ty ty flying the worm like an airplane hahahaha!!!!
 Having fun with Lyla's tutu :D

Lyla did now like it on her head :P
My messy, crazy, unorganized house! :D...getting ready to move sometime this or next week out to the trailer where Jake and Julie just moved out of.... Still not sure what to think! part of me"s excited to have open space for my kids to run, and lots of friends to hang out with.... but I hope and pray like crazy that we can cover up ALL the mice holes and be free of them! If're all invited over for mouse stew lol!


  1. How come your moving Mel? I didn't even know, I must have fallen off the face of the earth.;)

  2. Eew, a stiff worm, and I thought they were bad when they were slimy! Love the pics. I am feeling just a little bit guilty for suggesting that you move from your nice home to the trailer. I really hope having your own space, room for the kids to play outside, and other kids to play with will be worth it in the end.