Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Little of Everything!

It seems that this blog is lacking pictures lately.. So I'm posting enough to make up for all that :)

Me and Cami were wearing glasses in front of the mirror. Cami thought she looked pretty cool and started checking herself out while doing fishy lips. Love it!

Our Wednesday's Child loving up on chocolate!
Cami playing Angry Birds with her toes lol

Cami looking all sorts of stylish in her cute skirt that Aunt Elizabeth gave to her and her sassy shades.. complete with a little tricycle.

Cami brushing her hair and her teeth at the same time. That's talent for ya'!

I thought I'd show everyone how long Cam's hair is since Kristie showed how long Shay's is getting. You inspired me, Krik! lol

Cami has a bit of an addiction to her binky.. She even sucked her ring pop into the exact shape of her binky. Crazy!!

 Cami's birthday was last Saturday and Raiphe and I were gone on a couples weekend thing (which was a blast!) .. But we still wanted to do something fun for Cami. So today we took her and KyeGuy (Stacey's Boy) to the Aquarium and they had tonz of fun! It was short lived because Raiphe and I are party poopers, but still.. It was fun while it lasted :) 

 OH, and we also took Cami to Cabela's and showed her all the "stuff'd" animals. It was a fun day! Happy Late Birthday, Cami!! :)

I know that all or most of you have seen this pic already, but I edited it a little bit by cropping it and changing it to black/white. It's our little "Mowgli and the Wolf Pup" pic and I'm absolutely in love with it!

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