Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Playing in the water

Let the kids play in the water today. They had so much fun. Baby bug just stood there in the same place screaming, yelling, laughing and sticking her hand out trying to get the water. Plus how cute is her little swim outfit.
 Jerbear as always had so much fun in the water. He loves it.
If he could he would live in the water. He was running, jumping and at one point tried to sit on it to go pee. He has this new found love for peeing outside as half of us figured out over the weekend hahaha it was funny.  

 This was the first time baby bug got on the bike and right when she got on she started riding it like she know what she was doing the whole time. It was way cute.

Bugs foot print on the top and bears on the bottom :)

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  1. Fudge these are so freaking cute. Love the little swimming suit. oh my!!! Wouldn't I love to look that good in a bikini. Hehe