Friday, April 27, 2012

Ty ty's 3rd Birthday :)

                                           Making Ty Ty's Birthday cake :) Mmmm yum!
              Dont judge my work of art LOL.... I was limited on time and supplies :P.... Ty ty was so excited to have his cars cakes was fun making it with him :)

                          "HAPPY BUPBAY "....."Ty ty's wording for happy birthday" :) hahaha

                             Haha..He LOVES trains and was excited to get some for his birthday :)


  1. These pics are adorable. i love all of the expressions on his face. Thanks so much for sharing. I love them!

  2. Smellbert! I love these! They are very adorable! I love and miss you guys!!!!

  3. **MARIE HERE** His cake is way cute, Liss! And I love all of his facial expressions. Too cute!