Thursday, April 26, 2012

Keeping Us Close

Hi Everyone,

I loved having everyone up for dinner on Sunday. It was awesome to get to see and visit with everyone. I enjoyed watching the little kids dumping dirt into each others hair, running all over the hill and playing with  Aaron's family's new puppy. I really wish Beth's and Kristie's families could have been there too. I feel like I have lost touch with everyone since we stopped getting together for Sunday dinner. With Beth and Kristie living so far away, it gets even more difficult. I want to be a part of all the cool little things that happen to each of you every day.  Because of this, I decided to create this blog so we can stay connected.  I want it to be interactive and hope all of you will post too. Please feel free to post any pictures, videos, thoughts, poems, school papers etc. that you want to share with me and everyone else.

 I hope to hear about all of the little things.  I want to know if someone loses a tooth or gets an award. I want to see the pretzel in Shaylee's diaper, Brynny's chubby little bummy, Tyler's cute curls, Zachary and his cello, Aaron's new dog and Lynny boys, Michaels and Lando's cute lips.  I would love to see pics of Natty's cute little belly, Kim's dazzling toes, Julie's new bedroom, Marie's latest quilt, and Eliza and Rachel's prom pics.

It would also be cool to get some of buffy's nutritious recipes, Julie's latest info. on Ghee, and update's on Darlene's job. Don't hesitate putting vacation pics, book and movie reviews and  anything else you think would be fun to share. In other words,This is a place for us to keep connected with each other and keep each other close. It will be like a mini-Facebook for us.  I love you all, you are always close to my heart!

****To Post:  Since you are already on the blog, click on sign in at the top of the home page. This will take you to a new page.  Enter my email address and password (which I will text to you),  This will take you to a new page. click on the orange button with the pencil on it. (It says:create new post), click on the button that says compose. This is where you post. Please be sure to leave a title and your name so we all know who posted.  There are places at the top where you can add images, links and I think even videos.  I cant wait to see all of your stuff.  Thanks, xoxo

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