Monday, April 30, 2012

Popcorn at Kim's house!

I was outside soaking up some rays yesterday with the fam at my place, and Jean told me something interesting. Thought I'd share with everyone!
                                           Microwavable popcorn is in the process of being outlawed.
                                           According to studies, or doctors, or someone else, microwavable popcorn has an ingredient that is harmful to humans! There was one girl who ate alot of microwavablle popcorn, then stopped eating it for a while. When she started eating it again, she went deaf in one ear! When she went to the doctor about it, he said he's seen many cases just like hers! How awful is that?!

So, at my house, when we make our popcorn, we cook our popcorn seeds in Coconut Oil, which gives it a coconutty hint of deliciousness!

Then we flavor it with something called flavacol. Makes it taste fantastic, and you won't have to worry about it as much as the microwavable stuff!
I am currently unable to add a picture of the flavacol, but you can google the image if ya need ;)


  1. Marie here. :o) I have had your popcorn before and it was tasty! But.. what exactly flavacol? Sounds like a chemically word lol

  2. Yes, I have heard that microwave popcorn is toxic, which is why I generally pop my own, but sometimes I still use the microwave kind and even put it in my Easter baskets this year. i guess it will have to go for good because I too am on a health quest and want to eat things that are not toxic and deadly! Thanks for the info. Maybe you should come up saturday night with Kristie and natalie and bring your flavocl. I would love to taste your popcorn!