Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fun with a lizard by Kristie

Yesterday (04/29/2012) Andrew and I were cleaning sand and saw dust out of our house in progress. Andrew found a lizard in there. He put it in a bathtub so it couldn't get away and so that he could show shaylee. Shortly after shaylee woke up we showed her the lizard. She thought it was awesome! Andrew coaxed her to hold it and showed her how to hold it without squishing it. She kept squeeling and jumping when andrew would try to give it to her. Pretty dang funny! Well she finally held it and andrew told her to show me... well she then tried to put it on me! Not cool! Lol. I had to stop her and just explain to her to show me. So in the above picture she is showing me. In the end, we took it over to some rocks and showed Shaylee how to be kind to creatures and to let it go! It was very cute and educational. :-)


  1. She is more brave than i am. you wouldn't catch me holding a lizard, large or small!

  2. hi kristie ,this is are funny!

  3. **MARIE HERE** I can't believe she held it without squashing it. She seems too little for that lol